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Web Design

Why does your company need a web presence?

As more and more people use the Internet to purchase goods and services your business cannot afford to be left behind by not advertising on your own Web site.

Huge numbers of potential customers can be reached through the Internet at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

Internet advertising is extremely cost-effective, supplies your customers with a great deal of continually updated information and is accessible 24 hours a day. Customers are then able to contact you through email (or other methods of customer information collection) at their convenience.

Your business needs to keep up with or ahead of the competition.

Having you own Web site will add to your image, make you look forward-thinking and able to compete in the new technological age.

Because the Web is interactive, you can offer direct customer feedback and form effective customer relations. Your company could sell its products all over the world using online transactions or target your own area depending on what is appropriate to your business.

You can:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs

However wide your scope or specific your requirements having your own Web site will enhance your business and ensure you are firmly based in the 21st century.


Basically, the simpler the design, the lower the cost.

The prices below are guidelines, the cost will vary according to site content.

We will be happy to discuss what a Web site could achieve for your business and work with you to design a site that will help you meet your goals.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to treat each customer according to their needs.

We can host the site for you, please see our domain options for more details, or you can use your own web space.

A basic four or five page site with minimal interactive features and graphics will cost approximately £450
For a more complex site, maybe incorporating a shopping trolley facility to enable customers to purchase online, or a site that requires a database, prices start at around £850.

Email us to discuss your requirements and a free quotation.